With year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community, Dubai receives millions of leisure and business visitors each year from around the world. These visitors can benefit from a range of services and a local infrastructure that help make any trip to Dubai smooth and hassle-free. Video Lineup 1. THE WORLD ISLANDS The group of man made islands was made to look like the world continents’ shapes. The most recent project on the island was the Royal Island Beach Club on Lebanon island. 2. THE PALM JUMEIRAH Another really cool man-made island is the Palm Jumeirah. This island is home to the world famous Atlantis Hotel and resembles a palm tree when you’re flying over it. Mostly residential, it includes many tourist attractions, as well as great restaurants & nightlife at the Atlantis. 3. BURJ KHALIFA It is the tallest building in the world. Also famously known for being the building which Tom Cruise used as an obstacle course in Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol. The typical price of a 2 bedroom apartment at the Burj is 5,000,000 AED (approximately $1,361,285 dollars). 4. BURJ AL ARAB This is the only seven star hotel in the world. It was Dubai’s iconic symbol a few years ago before the Burj Khalifa was built. It’s design was made to look like a sailor ship. Interested in staying there for a night? It will cost you anywhere from $11,000 per night for the least expensive room, to around $45,000 a night for the presidential suite. This amazing hotel also features a one of a kind restaurant the ‘Al Mahara’, which is an underwater restaurant that can only be accessed by a submarine voyage. 5. THE DUBAI MALL The Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping mall based on total area and fourth largest by gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Downtown complex, and includes 1,200 shops. It features the world’s biggest candy store, as well as an aquarium and an ice rink inside the mall for you to look at while you shop. 6.MALL OF THE EMIRATES Not the biggest mall, but it sure doesn’t fail to impress. It’s indoor ski resort, the Ski Dubai was first of it’s kind. It is open year round, even when it’s over 50 degrees Celsius (over 120 degrees Fahrenheit) outside. 7. THE DUBAI FOUNTAIN The Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed system set in the world. The fountain features various musical water performances, which include songs such as Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and Thriller by Michael Jackson. 8. DESERT SAFARI If you think a day of dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, and great food sounds enjoyable, than you will love this desert safari. Truly, a one of a kind experience when visiting Dubai. 9. SKYDIVE DUBAI Enjoy skydiving? If yes, then you should never overlook skydiving when visiting Dubai. Skydiving in Dubai is truly one of the greatest skydiving experiences you can have worldwide. 10. MADINAT JUMEIRAH This large Arabian themed resort comprises of luxury hotels, summer homes, world class restaurants and bars. It is said to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. 11. DUBAI MARINA WALK Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two mile (3.2 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. A great place to go out and enjoy a meal and the spectacular Dubai city view. 12. EMIRATES TOWERS The Emirates Towers is a building complex in Dubai that contains the Emirates Office Tower and Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The two towers are connected by a 9,000 m² (96,875 ft²) two-storey retail complex known as "The Boulevard". The Emirates Towers complex is set in over 570,000 m² (42 acres) of gardens, with lakes, waterfalls and public seating areas. Enjoy our videos? Subscribe To Our Channel: http://bit.ly/1QtdccJ Website: http://worldfacts101.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/worldfacts101 Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldfactsx101 Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/worldfacts101 Google +: http://bit.ly/1OetAxH Video Intro: Made Using Flixpress.com Music: 1st Song: "Far Away (String)" MK2 (Youtube Video Maker Audio Library) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ 2nd Song: "Desert City" Kevin Macleod (Youtube Video Maker Audio Library) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/