Amazing things you will only see in Dubai! This crazy expensive stuff including gold iphones and cheetah’s you will only find in the United Arab Emirates Dubai is known for it’s lavish life and the luxuries enjoyed by many. Today we look 14 Amazing things you’ll only see in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab. I am sure you have heard of it; the sail hotel. It is thought to be the only 7 star hotel in the world. However, many say that it still falls within the standard 5 star scale. Either way, this hotel will far outweigh any 5 star hotel you have ever seen with its lavish interior, 800 to 8000 square foot rooms, award winning restaurants, and overall class. But it comes at a price. The rooms at the Burj al Arab start at a ‘mere’ $1000 and go all the way up to $25,000… a night! As you will see throughout this video there is a lot of record breaking going on in Dubai. This one in particular could both wow you and make you dizzy. Dubai was temporarily home to the world’s highest open tennis court. A helipad on top of the Burj al Arab hotel was converted into a tennis court so Roger Federer and Andre Agassi could play a promotional tennis match. While the ‘height’ of the tennis court is not exactly known, it was located on a helipad near the top of the hotel which is 1,053 feet up You can find it in the mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Ski Dubai is the first Middle Eastern indoor ski resort and Snow Park and has 22,500 square meters of ski area. Everyone gets a share in the wealth of Dubai, obviously… where do you think taxes go? The police of Dubai are cleaning up crime in style, driving anything from the beautiful new lineup of BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Bentley. Run out of gold? Head on over to the Gold ATM found in Dubai. Come here Fido! What image just came to your mind? Was it a lion? Maybe a tiger? Possibly a cougar on a sparkly studded leash? If it was, you have probably been to Dubai. The pets here are slightly more exotic than most North Americans’ may be used to seeing on the streets, but who is surprised? Is wealth not defined by the size of the cat at the end of your leash? And for some reason in Dubai people like to drive around with their big cats, like the guy in this photo with a cheetah in his car. Instead of cashing out gold from the ATM to lay on your face in rich bliss, stop into the Biolite Skin Clinic for a 24 Carat Gold facial. Scared of the dentist? Sit back and relax in the lap of luxury as you are chauffeured to your appointment in a Rolls Royce. Who can be stressed in a service of this magnitude? And if the appointment wears you out, no worries, you get a ride home too. Being given an iPad for use while you’re at a hotel is unheard of… but a gold one? Oh, no problem. The Burj Al Arab, that 7 star hotel you just heard about, offers one as a virtual concierge, given to every guest. Scared to mistake it for your own 24-carat gold iPad? Stabbing the sky like a jagged icicle, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. And yes, it is in Dubai. Standing 2,722 feet (829.8 m) tall, over half a mile, this building is 200 m taller than the next tallest structure, which is only a radio mast with no duty to house, feed, and entertain people. However, the Emirati people have to watch out because a Saudi Arabian prince has started a project to build an even taller building called the Kingdom Tower which will be 1000m high at a cost of $20 billion. Actually, there may be a view like none other. It is the view of the city as a whole from up above all of the buildings (which, as we just learned, is pretty high up). In fact, because of the Burj Khalifa a popular photo opportunity is higher than most and is a photo of the city above the clouds. It would just look wrong to be talking on a normal gold plated iPhone while walking your pet cougar on a Swarovski studded leash down a palm tree lined street filled with multimillion dollar mansions. Thankfully, there is a cell phone being offered by a telecom company in Dubai called the Golf Vish Cell Phone Like Heaven (that’s the full real name). If the cops are driving supercars, the oil gurus and royalty must be rolling in gold. Literally. How about a pure white-gold McLaren SLR Mercedes? Oh wait... maybe you won’t find that... but it is ‘amazing’ that marriage-counseling advice like the following is still a thing in modern times.