We are a Chinese origin multinational lighting project developing and execution group with the headquarter in China and having regional offices in 5 continents. We are a pool of multinational and multidisciplinary professionals in forefront of latest technology and its application in lighting industry covers architectural lighting (facade lighting), landscape lighting ,LED Display (LED Screens) application in outdoor large-scale facades as media walls and billboards, indoor shopping malls, hotels , stage settings, advance innovative application of flexible and transparent LED screens integrated with video synchronizing technology , as well as mega projection application for entertainment and advertising purposes. We commence our work as the turnkey –project from developing the project details encompassing all technical aspects, ordering top quality custom-made led products from our partners -well-known Chinese manufacturers, and executing the project with well trained and skilled teams and finally handing over for the operation. Phone: 009714-2522-673 Fax: 009714-2522-673 Mob: 0097150-2977824 Email: info@Aristoled.com www.aristoled.com