Burj Al Arab Dubai - United Arab Emirates has often been voted the world's most luxurious hotel. It opened in 1999 and proclaimed itself as a seven star hotel. The Burj Al Arab is the third tallest hotel in the world and is an iconic building sitting a few hundred metres off Jumeirah beach. The shape of the building is designed to take on the look of a sail. The building is on reclaimed land 280 metres off the beach and it actually took longer to reclaim the land than it did to build the Burj Al Arab. The land being reclaimed from the sea took three years. The Burj Al Arab is an all suite hotel and the suites range in size from 169 square metres to 780 square metres. In 2012 CNN Go compiled a list of the World's most expensive hotel suites. The Royal Suite at this luxury hotel was listed at number 12 with a US$18,716 per night price tag. Whatever you think of the Burj Al Arab Dubai - United Arab Emirates it is a destination that you should add to your bucket list of places to visit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYXEw5nhDTo