http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-009f-5fb2-9ae8?ytv1=1 - Created at TripWow by TravelPod Hotels Traveler Photos Of Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai ★ Check Rates at: http://www.travelpod.com/hotel/Burj_Al_Arab_Hotel_Dubai-Dubai.html Reviews for Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai: - "Arabian magic" from A TripAdvisor Member Don`t think about it just go!!! You really won`t regret it. A once in a lifetime experience ?? I think not i`m going back for sure - "Warning! Do not entrust your credit card" from A TripAdvisor Member Hotel OK. But I gave my credit card at the outset and then paid when I left; three weeks later the authorisation they took initially was still blocking out my card, so I could not use it. Seven phone calls to Dubai later and I am still waiting. Be warned. Do not leave without seeing them remove the authorisation - "Absolute splendour" from gforce Stayed at the Burj for 3 nights in Aug. If anyone is wondering about staying at this hotel, but unsure about the cost and whether its all worth it, (as many a good hotel can be found on Jumeirah Beach), dont hesitate, book up now and GO!!!! There are great hotels all around the world, 5 star, 6 star, whatever the star, the Burj is a total one off, and - "First impressions - WOW!" from A TripAdvisor Member This is one hotel you must stay in during your lifetime. We stayed here for our first wedding anniversary following a week in the Maldives. We booked via Cresta Worldwide and got transferred to the hotel via Arabian Adventures in a minibus - this is not the sort of transport you should really be turning up in to a hotel of this - "'Wow'" from A TripAdvisor Member Amazing. What a place to spend a few nights (simply because you couldnt afford to spend longer there!) The colour schemes are the most hideous, over the top mixtures you could ever come accross, but yet they make it stunningly incredible. It is luxury in a category of its own. You can have your luggage packed and unpacked, and your bath run for you. - "Live like a movie star!" from KiwiJen Uppers: Most incredible service, fabulous space/gadgetry/privacy in your room, REALLY fantastic Spa...and everything else! Downers: A little too Las Vegas in the decor, service can be cloying if you're not used to it. The cost! Very impressive! We stayed 3 nights in June 2004 and were completely overwhelmed by the whole thing! We were on - "Unforgettable hotel fantasy" from Kessel I had 3 nights in Dubai just to stay at the Burj. The city is hideous and failed to meet expectations. The hotel is a fantasy enclave and topped expectations: this is not a mere upgrade from 5-star, but in a class of its own, starting from the choreographed lobby fountain. I took a panoramic suite, all 2700 sq ft meaning acres of carpet ( - "Everyone must try this once in there life...." from halifax1 Iv'e stayed in some class hotels around the world, Words cannot describe this one you must see it for yourself. went 2003 going back 2004 - "Pretty Classy. . ." from A TripAdvisor Member Well, I just found this review site and did a search for Burj where we stayed for 2 nights in 2001 I think. We'd been in the Maldives and came here to finish things off for a few nights. Because Maldives are very layed back, we felt very underdressed. This place is definately not a casual kind of place and the guests will definately be More at: http://www.travelpod.com/hotel/Burj_Al_Arab_Hotel_Dubai-Dubai.html Photos in this video: - "View up to the suits, Burj Al Arab, Dubai" by Harvimalhi from a blog titled "Last day in Dubai, what a big flop!" - "That Famous Hotel £40 for a Cup of Coffee!!!" by Julie131 from a blog titled "Fantastic Skyline, Sand Boarding and Pinching Bums" - "Flat Bob in front of the Burj Al Arab Hotel" by Flatbob from a blog titled "Dubai" - "View down to suits, Burj Al Arab, Dubai" by Harvimalhi from a blog titled "Last day in Dubai, what a big flop!" - "Burj "7-star" hotel: looks like a sail" by Gramcb from a blog titled "Shopping, anyone?" - "Buj Al Arab, shame it was fully booked" by Harvimalhi from a blog titled "First day in Dubai" - "Back of the sail, Burj Al Arab, Dubai" by Harvimalhi from a blog titled "Last day in Dubai, what a big flop!" - "Burj Al Arab - World's only 7 star hotel" by Alex.kniuksta from a blog titled "Dubai" - "The lower lobby, Burj Al Arab, Dubai" by Harvimalhi from a blog titled "Last day in Dubai, what a big flop!" - "Restaurant on top of Burj Al Arab Hotel" by Iceiceami from a blog titled "Dubai" - "Burj Hotel at night from the Bahri Bar" by Rio2dubai from a blog titled "Our Luxury Honeymoon" - "The Beach At The Burj al Arab Hotel" by Worldcruise from a blog titled "United Arab Emirates" - "View of the 7 star hotel - the Burj" by Chooklotto from a blog titled "Wild Wadi Water park and Ski Dubai... coooool" - "Burj - Helicopter Landing on Helipad" by Rio2dubai from a blog titled "Our Luxury Honeymoon" - "Burj Al Arab across the