The highest level of Burj Khalifa view can be best possible from At The Top, Burj Khalifa's observation decks. It is positioned on the 124th level of this magnificent tower – The Sky; it combines the experience of levels between 148 and 124 floors of the world's tallest tower. At the Top, Burj Khalifa is the most sort after spot to visit when in Dubai. Your trip starts from the ground level of The Dubai Mall. The journey to the top, will entertain you continuously with its captivating multi-media presentation projecting an exotic history of Dubai and the wonders of Burj Khalifa. The official ambassadors escort the visitors with authentic facts about Burj Khalifa, explaining the emergence of its infrastructure, landscape design and interiors too. 124th floor has a magnificent 360 degree panoramic view of the city. In addition, the telescopes are placed and A Falcon eye view- Unique view of important places can be seen through a special screen. Not to miss a long-lasting souvenir of At The Top experience for your loved ones. Feel free to shop at either of the boutiques: on Levels 148 and 124 for ticket holders, or the publicly accessible boutique on the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall. Visit our website for details and booking options: http://pyramidtourism.com/