The ultimate what I eat Wednesday! 19 years of life in dubai and I'd never been to our most important attraction.... until yesterday! Of course, I had to make the most of the buffet... 16 pieces sushi (8 x mango 8 x mushroom teriyaki) 3 lotus buns 1 bowl of rice noodles and green curry 1 bowl papaya salad 1 bowl of pomelo salad Miso soup 1 bowl Pickled and fresh veg 1 bowl of rice noodles and glass noodles in oil - free broth 1 bowl sorbet (a little of each passion fruit, lime, apple) Lychee 1 small bowl Sago pearls in coconut milk Rice crackers (All that after a full day of eating including a big bowl of white rice with cane sugar and lemon, 2 chapatis, a huge steamed rice appam and a steamed rice cake + sambar and three bananas for pre-breakfast). CARBS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT or else I'd be obese IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF A WORLD WIDE YOUTH PEACE/PROTEST MOVEMENT, READ MORE AT http://www.sorayabeheshti.com/peacebypiece.html Connect with me on social media! BELTS, CHOKER: Recipes, workouts, ethical shop (hand designed by me - all funds go toward my matriculation from University), antique Middle Eastern jewelry, vegan tips and videos: www.SorayaBeheshti.com Instagram: @soraya.beheshti Tumblr.com/SorayaBeheshti Facebook.com/SorayaBeheshti Snapchat: Soraya.b ARBONNE NATURAL, VEGAN SKINCARE & NUTRITION: Buy here: http://www.arbonne.com/pws/SorayaBeheshti/tabs/home.aspx