Here's an in depth look at the Burj Khalifa in the medium of Lego. #21008 Ages12+ 208pcs $25.00USA 12 cents per piece Australia: $40.00 New Zealand: $50.00 Canada: $30.00 Denmark: Kr 199.95 France: €26.90 Germany: €25.00 United Kingdom: £23.00 For additional individual country pricing, visit brickset.com. The Burj Khalifa, sometimes called the Burj Dubai, astonished the globe with its completion in 2010. It is, as of 2015, the tallest structure ever erected by Humanity in every category set by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat(CTBUH) to rank supertall structures. EVER! It's hundreds of feet above its nearest rival, the Shanghai Tower. It's over a half mile tall! A modern marvel of engineering and construction, the Burj Khalifa will stay the worlds tallest for many years to come.