Situation: Being I'm not the tallest or lightest my height and weight was at 2 percent above the allowed BMI on the 38th day of my 42 day vacation and eating great foods around the world (DR, Cancun, San Diego, Las Vegas, London, and Dubai). On that day I weighed 15 lbs more than what I had on Aug 1 when I left to DR. 2 percent only though...? "No Exceptions" hmmm... Mission: Skydive at Palm Jumeirah one of the most beautiful places in the world to jump. How much do I need to lose to meet the BMI? Response: 3 kilos...(6.63 lbs) Execution: Being I'm not gonna stretch any time soon, look for an alternative. "There is always an alternative" Ask to be put on a jump 2 hrs from scheduled jump, and run for 1hr and a half at 3pm in this god forgotten heat 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Debrief: I'll share the pictures and videos later. Outcome: SUCCESS! Say hello to my sweaty shirt, and 3.2 kilos (7.05 lbs) lighter self ;P Time to change on to some different clothes that are not soaked in sweat (FYI I sweated through the next change of clothes too, On the video this is my 3rd change of clothes. lol). As I waited for my lift, staff members, and others who saw me get turned away would ask out loud "Who was the one went running to make the jump!?!? Everybody said "You're awesome!, THAT is AWESOME!" "Normally people leave here disappointed but you, you just did something totally unexpected!" lol Whatever it takes uh Sergio, right?" Yes, whatever it takes my beautiful friends. It is the American Way" ;) \m/ Point: Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot, or will not achieve something today or in life. You may think you cannot, or that you do not have everything that you need, or takes to follow something you love, or to achieve your dreams but you have everything you need. You have life in you, and now that you see that you can choose to have "WILL" A big heart, determination, and hard work "WILL" get you there, and all "WILL" work out. "Live, Love, Life" "Live A Little" my friends and remain pure in heart. Love Serg Team Skydive Dubai: You guys are awesome! Everyone I met was very professional, when waiting for my video other tandems would play theirs to confirm it was a good copy. The team at Skydive Dubai shares the excitement, experience, and fun with every customer they jump with. I will definitely be back! Imagine seeing Dubai as the beautiful city it is, but when up there it is 10 times that beauty! Dubai is the pearl of the Emirates.