http://www.MoneySmartGuy.com Matt Sapaula, alongside his wife Sheena, arrive in Dubai, UAE to endure 120 degree temperatures as part of a PHP Agency leadership trip and retreat. Some of their experiences are aboard an 82 ft yacht, touring the desert while on a safari and enjoying the finest experience at the Atlantis, The Palm and Burj Al Arab. Find Matt Sapaula here too: http://www.mattsapaula.com http://www.moneysmartguy.com http://www.twitter.com/mattsapaula http://www.facebook.com/MoneySmartGuyMattSapaula As a financial coach and co-host of Chicago's personal finance podcast "Money Smart Show", Matt Sapaula helps aspiring, hybrid and startup entrepreneurs build their own businesses as way to gain financial control over their daily money matters and desired lifestyle. MATT SAPAULA YOUTUBE CHANNEL DISCLAIMER: Matt Sapaula is not a registered investment advisor for the offering or sale of securities nor to provide investment advice. Matt only deals in securities subject to an exemption from registration and will only provide investment services to accredited investors as defined by the Illinois Securities Act of 1953.