THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF UAE SUNG & PERFORMED BY Dar Al-Marefa Private School STUDENTS/Dubai - MUSIC AND VIDEO PRODUCED BY ABDULAZIZ ISSA - SIGN LANGUAGE BY FATIMAH AL-KAABI National Anthem of UAE - "Ishy Bilady" ("عيشي بلادي") النشيد الوطني الاماراتي - غناء طلاب مدرسة دار المعرفة الخاصة في دبي - التوزيع الموسيقي والاخراج التصويري للاستاذ عبدالعزيزعيسى "The national anthem was officially endorsed as the UAE national anthem after the formation of the federation in 1971. The anthem was composed by Sa'ad Abdul Wahab, who also composed the national anthem of Libya. The lyrics, officially adopted in 1996, were written by Arif Al Shaikh Abdullah Al Hassan." Lyrics: Arabic: عيشي بلادي عاش اتحاد إماراتنا عشت لشعب دينه الإسلام هديه القرآن حصنتك باسم الله يا وطن بلادي بلادي بلادي بلادي حماك الإله شرور الزمان أقسمنا أن نبني نعمل نعمل نخلص نعمل نخلص مهما عشنا نخلص نخلص دام الأمان و عاش العلم يا إماراتنا رمز العروبة كلنا نفديك بالدما نرويك نفديك بالأرواح يا وطن English: Long live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives You have lived for a nation Whose religion is Islam and guide is the Qur’an I made you stronger in Allah’s name, oh homeland My country, My country, My country, My country God has protected you from the evils of the time We have sworn to build and work Work sincerely, work sincerely As long as we live, we will be sincere The safety has lasted and the flag has lived oh our Emirates The symbol of Arabism We all sacrifice for you, we supply you with our blood We sacrifice for you with our souls oh homeland